Bargaining Update

SEA Bargaining Update

February 9, 2016

This update is definitely long in coming, but here it is.  SEA and District have one more session scheduled for Friday, February 19.  Please show your support to the team by wearing your black or SEA shirts.

In three sessions, here is what has been accomplished:

A tentative agreement has been signed for:

 Article 6.12.1- an increase of association days to 24 days of release, instead of the current 12 days of release

Article 7.7.4 and .5- current involuntary transfer language is clarified.

Article 18- has been eliminated, as it is obsolete

Ongoing discussion:

-Educators’ children having first priority in the intra/inter district process.  SEA requested the priority list that is used for this process, we are still waiting.

-Stipends will be sent to a sub committee

-6th grade schedule, the board does not want to move on this issue.

-additional non-student days added to the calendar for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years.

-Personal necessity leave is still being discussed

-We have had a discussion on the definition of PLC, and we will continue that discussion

-Salary increase:  both SEA and District have made a first offer and district has countered, SEA will counter on the February 19th session.