Information On Bargaining Poll

The bargaining team is looking for direction from the members on adding additional days to our work year.  Our options are to keep our current year at 182 days or to add an additional one or two days.  

The days added would be professional development days provided by the district.  At this time there has been no determination of when these days would occur in the calendar.

Points to consider:

  • We are receiving new language arts curriculum and additional days could be used to give training on the new curriculum or grade level training.  They will be relevant to all members.
  • This is NOT a raise.  You would be compensated at your normal per diem rate.  If you work additional days, you receive additional compensation.
  • There will be a salary increase.  The amount as yet has not been determined as negotiations are still ongoing.
  • Consider the calendar options and where the days could be added.
  • This would have a possible end date of June 30, 2018.