SEA Negotiations Update

February 28, 2017

Representatives from SEA and the District have met three times in an effort to negotiate the 2016-2017 contract.  Please note the following:

Article 9 Hours of Employment

·      SEA withdrew PLC Early Release

·      District proposed an increase to the 2017-2018 work calendar by 2 days (per diem rate).

·      Discussion for alignment of the 6th grade schedule will continue

Article 14 Wages

·      Discussion of change in Stipend allocations will continue.

·      Discussion for improved Professional Growth (Units) language will continue.

·      Salary: District offered a 1% raise, SEA counteroffered 5%. Discussion will continue.

Article 15 Health and Welfare Benefits

·      Discussion for an increase in the $125 benefit will continue

Article 18 Job Share Contracts

·      A tentative agreement has been reached addressing change of language.