Your Latest Update

If you missed the meeting yesterday…

Here is what SEA is looking for from negotiating this year.

·         6th grade would like to be on the same schedule as 7th and 8th grade. This would give them an extra 31 minutes of instruction time. It would also create a safer environment as there are many 6th graders who wait around school or in the nearby parks for7th/8th grade siblings or friends to be dismissed.

·         SEA clarified job share language to protect members who are in job shares. Job shares should be reviewed yearly. If a job share partner is unable to complete a school year, the other partner is to step in full time rather than having a sub for the absent partner.

·         SEA would like to have stronger language for professional growth units. Members should not be constrained to take classes that would only benefit their current assignment.

·         The District would like an additional 2 days added to our work calendar for professional development. One would be provided by Solution Tree for continued support of our PLC process and the other would possibly be related to the language arts adoption. It has not yet been determined what professional development would occur for members not teaching language arts. SEA asked that in return our work day be solely a work day, not additional meetings. This request was denied.

·         SEA would like the longevity steps to be moved from 5 years to 3 years. In return, we are willing to cap out at year 36 rather than year 40.

·         SEA was offered a 1% salary increase. We countered with a 5% increase. The District held at 1%. At this point, the team left the table and have no further dates scheduled.

What are our next steps? We need YOU (all 466 of us) to SHOW UP AT THE BOARD MEETING ON TUESDAY! We appreciate the members who came to the general assembly meeting but we need more of us at the board meeting. The study session begins at 5 and the board meeting starts at 7. Come wearing your black and be prepared to stay until 9.

Unity Week is next week. We are wearing black EVERY DAY! This is showing that we are united. We have great power when we stand together.

Members who attended the meeting received the board members email addresses.  Please email them and tell them your story before Tuesday. They need to know if you’ve been denied units, how your work load has increased, and in general what your working conditions are like. Please remain professional, but be honest!

Remember, WE are professionals. WE are educators. WE are SEA!